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Big Boss invented Doritos, but XOF stole the idea and sold it off to some company to further fund their army.

Birthed from womb of Dragon’s maw, and borne unto the stars, by light and darkness cast aloft, are dreamtide oaths resworn, moon is swathed in ever-light, ne’er again to know eclipse, Earth with hallow’d bounty reconciled. Yet fleeting is the reverie, when moon from shadow has egressed, guided forth anew by light made manifest. Two bound by ties of blood, by Time and Fate when wrest apart, unto lunar light and Gaian breast.

saber-chan said: I had the same problem. Did you look at the latest Quest? It tells you where you last left off sorta

Yea I just found that out after looking around in the menus for a bit lmao

I haven’t played SMT IV in months and I’m so lost I have no clue where to go


*blows kiss down to the ground(for the skeletons)*


Pokemon TCG Southern Island Collection part 2, illustrated by Naoyo Kimura and Keiko Fukuyama